Completing my application process…


In this blog, I will try to keep a fairly updated blog about my life as a student at ICU.  Well, I’ve been accepted, but I’m still attending high school here in America.  I will be graduating soon, however….. hopefully.  Probably, most likely.  It is pretty late at night where I live, and I am trying to get my paperwork done and out of my way, so I can graduate with no worries of having to make the June 15 deadline.

So for this year, I have eleven? things to turn in by June 2011.  This leaves me about 2 months to turn everything in, but I swore to myself that I will turn this in by this week.  Actually, I said that 2 weeks ago, and my paperwork is still here.  Well, I ran into all kinds of troubles along the way…

When my doctor was filling out my health report, she was like “oh, I hope our hearing test device still works…”  Now… that freaked me out.  But it turns out that it still worked, and so we started to test my right ear.  She tested it out on me, just so I know what I was supposed to expect, which was really nice since the sounds were really really soft.  So we were right about to start the actual test, when she said, “Uh oh…” …great.  So what happened was, the batteries were dead because they didn’t charge that dang thing for… who knows how long.  So she told me to come test it two days later when I would get my results for the TB test.  I came back two days later, and we started our test again.  (Btw, I didn’t test positive!)  So the nurse tested my right ear, and I was perfectly fine, nice and healthy.  She began to test my left ear….. when all of a sudden, she goes, “Hmm… uh oh…”  -___- So turns out, the batteries died, after it charged for two days.  wtf right?  So she told me to come back in an hour, so I just went back to school, waited in the club room, and went back to finally finish my health report.  My suggestion, START THIS EARLY.

I faced several more problems after that… I didn’t know what some things meant on the paper, I ran out of photos for my identification, the printer ran out of ink when I tried to print my new photos, …..sigh.  Hopefully, I can successfully turn in my paper this week…. *knocks on wood*

I think this concludes my first post… my super long post…. If anyone reads this, thanks for dealing with me. 🙂

Time to go sleep now :D,


    • moorawr
    • May 2nd, 2011

    I read through it~ I don’t know why though.

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