Commencement Tickets

So…. 26 more days until my graduation.  Craaazzzyy….. Overly used, but these four years went by too quickly.  And I think it’s only like… 19 more actual days of school. @_@ Dang.

So in our school (maybe all schools are like this), we have song practices every Wednesday until commencement now, and a student can earn commencement tickets for themselves per practice they attend.  And since everyone had 2 practices (except the tickets committee who had to attend every one, so we had to go to both the girls and guys practice since we had separate ones till this week),  everyone earned 4 tickets – 2 from the song practices, and 2 from paying their class dues.

So the distribution went really nicely, very very smooth.  So why am I writing in this blog when I should be writing up my AP Art homework?  Because I feel like ranting about the process of MAKING the tickets.  So I went over to my friend’s house to help her make these (you have to emboss the ticket and number it) stupid tickets, to find that the number stamping thing the teacher gave us was broken. whooooo.  So we ended up calling the teacher (to find out she’s catching toads outside… >_>), and she told us that she’ll get us the number stampy thing the next day.  So we worked on embossing the tickets….. which takes too much time and effort… It’s really nice, how it’s nice and bumpy, but in order to get that nice thing, you have to first stamp it with the special ink, then powder over the ink, then blow dry it with this special heater thing.  You might be thinking, yeah yeah yeah, stop complaining, but we had to do like, 1000+.  ooo….. #__#  So in the end, it got really late, so I could only help her make 200 of it….  And that poor girl had to stay up until like 4 in the morning to finish the rest of the tickets last night…  At least it came out looking pretty 🙂

Reflection:  Let’s start this earlier next time. LOL. 😛

    • moorawr
    • May 2nd, 2011

    You guys need commencement tickets o.O We can just invite whoever lol. Maybe you should do that, although the tickets sound pretty cool. I’d like to see one someday…

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