Finally sent in my application…. :O

I finally sent in my application!!! Yaaaay~  So it took a super long time for me to decide on which dorm to apply for.  INSANE. @__@

So in the end, I chose in the order of Zelkova, 3WD, 2WD, and 4WD.  I know I know, you’re probably wondering, WHY!?  I heard many rumors about the “prison dorm” Zelkova, but I figured that since this will be my first year living and studying in Japan, I should choose the strict dorm to keep me on track.

Then the third dorm, the smallest one… I hope that I won’t regret the choice, since I really like what they wrote in their introductory… letter? paragraphs?  But yeah,  the part that said “no rankings” really caught my attention.  I personally HATE it when older people act all that, like they’re the top dogs because they’re just older.  That goes against my beliefs of… just what I think (since I’m not religious or anything), and it’s probably because I lived most of my life in a place that everyone regardless of age got along like brothers and sisters.  I also liked how they added that you can star gaze on the rooftop ❤ I love stargazing since I live where the sky is clear practically every night.

Then I chose the 2WD because I liked how the rooms were arranged…. that’s about it.  Well, that one WAS cheaper… >__>

Then the 4WD… idk, their introduction wasn’t all that… “eye-catching” like the 3WD.

So yeah, that’s that for my application… *phew.*

    • Sofia
    • July 13th, 2011

    Saw your post that you got in Zelkova. You’re so lucky. I got into 4WD which was my 4th choice. I don’t really want to be here since it has a PUBLIC bathroom. 😦

  1. ohhh are you a September student too?? I actually kinda wanted the public bathrooms though ^^ Although it might be a bit weird for foreign people. I’m pretty used to it since I’m from Japan x) I’m sure you’ll get used to it though. It’s pretty fun talking and bathing with your friends! haha

    • Sofia
    • July 14th, 2011

    I’m just a one-year exchange student 🙂
    Yeah, the public bathroom is really weird for a non-japanese like me.
    Though I really hope I can get used to it. Maybe I’ll just take a bath in my underwear or while it’s still very early in the morning.

    See you in ICU 😀

  2. Ahhh fun fun!
    I’m sure you’ll get used to it x)
    I don’t know how well that underwear idea would work though x) hahaha
    Hope to see you too~

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