My little obsession

I’m beginning to notice that I only post on my blog at super late hours….  but anyhow…

I’m sure everyone has their own collection, and for me, that would be my many Totoros and bracelets ❤  Currently, I don’t know how many Totoro things I own…. (I think I’ll count later) but I know that I do have 13 things on my wrist.  Dang.  And if it was during the day, I would also have my bright yellow watch on.

Lol, so from the left…

  1. My “Not Even Once” wristband.  It’s for a program against meth.  Not even once yo!
  2. My Ganbare Japan! wristband.  It says, “Ganbare Japan! Aloha from HAAS” I’m really praying for Japan’s recovery. Ganbare!!!
  3. A rainbow version of the Ganbare Japan! wristband.  This one was cheaper because it reads “Ganbare Japan! with Aloh……HAAS” x)
  4. An American School in Japan wristband.  Yay free wristbands from Robotics trips~
  5. Another American School in Japan wristband lol.
  6. A sillyband in the shape of America… how ironic… the non American citizen just happens to get the most patriotic one…
  7. A sillyband in the shape of a mystery object… I still don’t know what it is.  It looks like a porcupine?
  8. A rubberband
  9. Bracelet from my grandma in like, 5th grade
  10. Ditto above
  11. A juzu, even though I’m not Buddhist
  12. It’s hidden in the picture, but I have this orange, yellow, and maroon weaved bracelet thing.
  13. And lastly, an omiage (souvenir in Japanese) from my friend who went to a competition in Florida.  We have matching ones~ he has a yellow one, my other friend has a pink one, and I have the orange 😀
  14. Also not in here, my beautifully bright yellow watch ❤
And that is it for my late night random post. 😀
Good night~
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