Freedom of Having Your Full License.

So, since I was bugged by someone…. (you know who you are) to post more often, I shall commit like, 10 minutes of my bored time writing about what I did earlier tonight. Oh by the way, 11 days until graduation.  And only 7 days of legit class periods left.  Holy (insert bad word for poop that starts with a c here.).

Anyways, that means our Senior Awards Night is coming up.  In fact, it’s tomorrow!! Yaaaaaay!  Hopefully I get some sort of scholarship, and some sort of award.  I know that I’ll get some sort of award, whether it’s a scholarship or academic honor or whatever, but I’m hoping I get this specific one that allows you to walk the line at commencement by myself… *prays*  So again, anyways, they show an end of high school slideshow at the end(?), and my friend (let’s call her… Okinawa.)is in charge of making it.  So that’s the beginning of why tonight happened.

So my other friend (shall we call him…. OCD) signs on to MSN at… like,8:30.  He then goes, “Wanna come to Starbucks and help us with the slideshow?!”  Well, I ask my mom, and she was like yeah sure.  Didn’t expect that.  Haha.  So in the end, I end up going down at 9:00pm, to Starbucks.   The power of holding a full license yo.  Then we end up facebook stalking people to find out the “juicy” rumors of some people…. and find pictures for the slideshow.  Then it was like, 10:00, and Starbucks kicked us out since they closed.

So we lost our source of WiFi (which we really didn’t need), so we went to Safeway to get WiFi again.  When we got there, “OCD” jumped into my car, and was like here, and slapped a package of KETCHUP in my car.  KETCHUP.  From Burger King.  And it turns out that I had ketchup too!! In my WALLET.  hahaha!  Well at least I know that it was from today. lol.  And also, it turned out the WiFi section in Safeway was closed, so we just went in and bought Cupcake tins for “OCD” ‘s mom.  … then we went outside to our cars (“OCD” even suggested that we finish the slideshow in his car, which we DIDN’T do because that would be uncomfortable….).

So when we were back outside again, and freakin “OCD” sticks the ketchup on my windshield wiper, so that started a whole war of sticking the ketchup packets onto each other’s car.  Then I remembered that I had a pack of cheese from Pizza Hut from my brother’s sleepover party in mid April x)  So that also joined the war. hahaha.  So I think in the end, “Okinawa” took home the two packets of ketchup after “OCD” threw it in her car, and that cheese packet is…. probably in “OCD” ‘s…… probably.

Oh the freedom of having your license 😀

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