Senior Awards Night

So tonight was Senior Award’s Night.  I got 2 awards! yaaay.  The “Outstanding Industrial Technology and Engineering Student” and the Service Awards.  Lol, I’m not even gonna be an engineer. x)  Yay for Robotics and actually knowing the teachers that decide who gets it. haha.  Well, I didn’t get the award that’ll let me walk by myself, or the title of Summa Cum Laude, the 3.8+ GPA one…  I think I missed it by 0.5 or less.   So I got Magna Cum Laude, the 3.5+ one.  So when the Summas got called up for academic honors, I was just sitting there by myself with 2 other people I didn’t really know, since all my friends got it.  Except for like, some in the back of me.

So I can now conclude that my biggest regret in high school was not knowing the importance of GPA until my Junior year.  So in my freshman and sophmore years, I had like, 3.5, 3.7…. sigh.  Well, now I know what it’s for.  At least I found out in my Junior year of HIGH SCHOOL, and not college.  Yay for positive/optimistic thinking 😉  So I can also conclude that it’s just impossible to bring your GPA up from a 3.68 or whatever to a 3.8, even if you get 4.2s the entire Senior Year.  Well, at least I know that I tried.  Well, I don’t think it can get worse than my friend who just missed it by .05.  Now THAT just sucks.

So it was an okay awards night, the slideshow was okay, I got a lei, and a dirty/dusty bot guy plushie…  I bet you my teachers had one sitting in their room, so they just thought, “Oh hey! Why don’t we just give it to ______”  I should come up with a fake name for myself.  Kachan.  My friends call me that because it means mommy in Japanese, and I hated it.  But now I just got immune to it.  So hi, my name is Kachan.  Kachan who only has 7 days of school… Hoooolllyy poop.

    • moorawr
    • May 11th, 2011

    Ah! Omedetou gozaimasu! 😀 Haha woo for awards! Aww too bad I don’t go Waiakea. Then we both could’ve been left out as Magna Cum Laudes (which sound bigger anyway) and watched Carissa them get the red cords xD I think I was waaay to lazy with my GPA in the beginning. And now with my 4.0 senior year it don’t matter. Hahaha. But I guess in college I can’t just lose. So I gotta get higher than Carissa some how. Like 4.0 high. Haha fake name for yourself. Kachaaaan! Just a week left. Gonna grad soon. Wooo for graduating ^~^

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