Alumni Status… .__.

So yeah, I haven’t posted for a month.  But I can say that  I’m officially an alumni now….  Dang I feel old.  So I have things to write about… 4 topics – graduation, grad night, friend’s parties, and my own party.  So today’s can be about graduation and grad night.

So I graduated on May 22, got a looooooottt of leis, some straw leis, lots of ribbon leis, daaanng lots of candy leis, and a lei with some money origami inside 😀  Graduation didn’t really hit me until… no, it didn’t really hit me yet.  I did feel really sad when my friend was giving her Valedictorian speech though.  I swear, tears are contagious… when she started to cry, everyone was crying (except I was crying way before that :P)  My favorite line was “Mr.Takahashi and Mr. Mau’s OBVIOUS love for us, and who can forget Mr. Olive’s OH BABY!” ❤  I love her so much.  I really loved her speech.


So I went to Chelsie’s dinner party thing, and Carissa’s lunch Imiloa party thing. I got to see Cody and Tim at the lunch thing, and I got to own Cody at bowling. hahahahaha. He only got like, a 49. How sad. x) Then I went to walmart with Carissa and Cody (Sam and Ryan came too but… they stayed at McDonalds?) And Carissa chased me with a zebra thong…….D:

I also had my own grad party, which Tim and Cody both got to come to. yaaay! We had looooooootts of food (that was also leftover…. D:) and we played on the wii. Sadly got owned by Jazmine’s beginner’s luck at Super Smash… D: my poor pride got ripped apart into pieces there… And I played scrabble. And ping pong. Then we video called Hotaka who could barely hear us since everyone was practically shouting. Oh, Carissa almost mauled me like a bear because I found her old band trip picture. ahhh band. Such good times. x) So in conclusion, grad parties are fun and tiring. :D…

To be continued…

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