Email from ICU

Ahhh you guys won’t know how relieving this email was for me.  Well, it also got me excited, so in conclusion, that was an awesome email.

So I was walking toward the shower when I heard my iPod’s email notification.  I look to see that ICU had sent out an email notifying us that the letter with the password to NetCommons had been sent out.  They told us that NetCommons is a portal site where we can find out more information about the entrance procedures, including the orientation schedule.  So I’m really hoping and assuming, that our dorm information as well as our dorm mate information will be provided as well.

So ICU said that for people living in Japan, it should take about 2-3 days for the letter to come, while us people outside of Japan will have to wait about a week.  I’m really hoping that it’ll come in a week because of 2 reasons.  One, because I’m super excited and anxious for the mail, and two, because I’m leaving for Japan in about 2 and a half weeks.  Ahhhh! Can’t wait ^^ I’ll post again about the contents of the mail sometime when it comes :3

Ahhh happy happy ^^ ciao~

P.S. I drew Arrietty 😀

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