My long awaited dorm information!

Yep, it came!  I bet I would’ve gotten it the day before if it weren’t for 4th of July, but whatevers, I got it! 😀  So I’m in the Zelkova house, and I’m pretty content with this dorm.  I’ve heard that it’s the strictest dorm, and how it’s called the “prison” or whatever, but I think it’s better to be in the strict one at least for my first year or so in college.

From what I read on a blog by a dorm resident, it sounds like a dorm everyone would avoid at all costs… to be more precise… But I put Zelkova as my number one choice.  I’ll find out if that turns out to be for the best… or if it was suicide soon enough.  I also found out from this girl’s twitter (I just searched Zelkova dorm and she came up on google x) that there’s only a total of 15 September students at Zelkova.  Dang.  Either there’s an insanely little amount of September students, or Zelkova is really unpopular…… .__.  whaaatevs.

I’d write more about my dorms, but since I had my mom take my college documents over to Japan with her, I have no idea what exactly the dorm is like….. boo.  So I’m just relying on the facts given by Reiyd and the ICU’s Zelkova page heereee…..  and (virtual tour) and is the new student dorms blog.  You can see some pictures of the inside 😀

So that’s about all I have for tonight, may post about my little adventure with my friend next time.  Till then~


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