Week and a half!

I felt like I’ve been too MIA here on my blog… Well, I didn’t really have anything to write about since school STILL didn’t start, but just a quick post…
WEEK AND A HALF TILL SCHOOL STARTS! I am so bored to the point where I am insanely excited for school to start and to enter the dorms. Especially after finding this video about someone’s dorm in the Ginkgo House (Zelkova, Oak, and Ginkgo all have a similar (or the same I think) layout). I will insert video… heerreee↓

So the other day, I FINALLY met up with a friend! Believe it or not, he was the first friend I met up with in Japan. He’s my really good friend from Japan who also used to live in Hawaii. However, he left Hawaii in.. our Sophmore year, so I rarely get to see him. I was really really happy to see him(finally lol) and we got to explore the mountains in Kobe, and got to see phones at Yodobashi Camera!
So after that visit, I think I finaaaallly decided on a phone to get! So after a loooooooong discussion with my dad, and I think I’m fairly set on docomo’s Sony Xperia acro. I swear, seeeexxy phone<3

So that wasn't the best video to watch, but at least it was in English? haha. So I heard from MANY people that docomo has probably by far, the best reception and good phones. Also, my dad said that I should get it because their sim cards can be unlocked or something of the sort. I didn't really understand what that's good for, but something about using it overseas…………? I trust my dad. haha. I really wanted to get Softbank, but only because I LOVE the Otousan character… my god, ❤
So one last video before I crash.. I'm in love with this song…………I'm even listening to it now x) listen…down below↓

Okay~ I hope you liked all those videos I posted, and see you next time!

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