Asian, Tall, Japanese, Squinty Eyed… need I say more?

Hello~  I’m going to be an incoming freshman for the September 2011 term at International Christian University, or ICU, in Tokyo, Japan.  I’m a Japanese Returnee student, entering with a “Regular” status for the September Admissions.  I am bilingual in English and Japanese, although my Japanese reading and writing is a bit…. iffy.

I’m going to start posting about the last month of my high school career, just to get in the habit of blogging… yaaaaaay.  But once I actually get accepted, I should be writing mostly about ICU.  If I get into this “blogging” stuff anyways x)

WARNING: My grammar kinda SUCKS.

So I’m not a high schooler anymore, I managed to safely graduate high school, and I safely got accepted into ICU, so my posts will be about my life at ICU, life in Japan, and whatever random stuff I do 🙂 If you find my adventures interesting, please hit the woot woot button x) (subscribe haha)

  1. Hey. I see you’ve read my blog (Reiyd) about the Zelkova stuff.

    Just to update you on that, the newer dorms are going through some reforms in terms of rules. The beginning was the worst and the administration’s control over every aspect was a bit much. However things are changing and so I think you’ll enjoy your stay there much more than the 1st batch of us did.

    The place isn’t so much of a “prison” anymore, but it’s still got that name attached to it. The people in there right now like it.

    The reason I posted so much stuff was more a matter of informative principle where people have the right to information. The things I posted were the things they did not clearly inform us at first. So as long as you understand what awaits you, then your ICU experience will be much more enjoyable.

    Anyway, good luck to you

  2. Hey! Ahh I’m so glad to hear that things got better over there. I honestly thought about going for a different dorm, but now I’m pretty glad that I chose zelkova. I told myself that I wouldn’t know if I’d like it there or not till I tried, so I thought mind as well try. And I also thought that for my first year, strict is probably for the good… σ(^_^;)
    Thanks for posting the information on your blog though! I really enjoyed reading your blog and I now have a better idea about how my life could be at ICU. I hope I can keep my blog nice and updated like yours for the next batch of incoming future ICU students :D. Anyways, thanks so much for stopping by and updating me!

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