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Ghibli <3

Being born and raised as a Japanese child, I have grown up watching Ghibli films.  I always have great urges to re-watch these great films, and now I’m into playing the songs on piano, even though I can’t play piano to save my life.  Because I don’t like to finish stuff…. =__=, I’m learning three Ghibli songs at once.  I have more that I want to learn, but I’m going to keep it to these three for now.

The first one that I started is Kimi wo Nosete.  This song is from The Castle in the Sky.  My friend would always hum this song (or sometimes sing it… a little off tune :P), and eventually became one of my favorites.

The second piece is Arrietty’s Song, from the most recent Ghibli film, The Borrowers Arrietty.  I fell in LOVE with this song as soon as I heard it.  Cecile Corbel has such a gorgeous voice.  (So jealous!)

And finally, the last piece is Kaze no Toorimichi from My Neighbor Totoro, one of my all time favorite movies~ ^^  I remembered this song because one section in Arrietty’s Song sounded EXACTLY like one part from this piece.  It’s the part where it goes…  C Eb F.  Try it out on the piano!  I swear you’ll recognize it.  In Arrietty, it goes, C Eb F F Eb F Bb.  And in Totoro, it goes C Eb F F G Eb.  x) I hope one of you can understand what I’m trying to say here.  Hahaha.

Ahhhh isn’t Ghibli so awesome?! 🙂  I’m really excited because in Mitaka, not only do they have ICU, but…. THEY HAVE THE GHIBLI MUSEUM TOO<3<3<3 😀 I was sooo happy when I found out!! I can’t WAIT till I get to finally go!! x)  Anyways, I think that’s it for today, thanks for reading about my random thoughts, and till next time~



My little obsession

I’m beginning to notice that I only post on my blog at super late hours….  but anyhow…

I’m sure everyone has their own collection, and for me, that would be my many Totoros and bracelets ❤  Currently, I don’t know how many Totoro things I own…. (I think I’ll count later) but I know that I do have 13 things on my wrist.  Dang.  And if it was during the day, I would also have my bright yellow watch on.

Lol, so from the left…

  1. My “Not Even Once” wristband.  It’s for a program against meth.  Not even once yo!
  2. My Ganbare Japan! wristband.  It says, “Ganbare Japan! Aloha from HAAS” I’m really praying for Japan’s recovery. Ganbare!!!
  3. A rainbow version of the Ganbare Japan! wristband.  This one was cheaper because it reads “Ganbare Japan! with Aloh……HAAS” x)
  4. An American School in Japan wristband.  Yay free wristbands from Robotics trips~
  5. Another American School in Japan wristband lol.
  6. A sillyband in the shape of America… how ironic… the non American citizen just happens to get the most patriotic one…
  7. A sillyband in the shape of a mystery object… I still don’t know what it is.  It looks like a porcupine?
  8. A rubberband
  9. Bracelet from my grandma in like, 5th grade
  10. Ditto above
  11. A juzu, even though I’m not Buddhist
  12. It’s hidden in the picture, but I have this orange, yellow, and maroon weaved bracelet thing.
  13. And lastly, an omiage (souvenir in Japanese) from my friend who went to a competition in Florida.  We have matching ones~ he has a yellow one, my other friend has a pink one, and I have the orange 😀
  14. Also not in here, my beautifully bright yellow watch ❤
And that is it for my late night random post. 😀
Good night~