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Japanese test officials (and test takers) should chill.

Yep. Japanese test officials are SCARY as hell. No joke…
So here in Japan, I have no way of proving to people that I am me. No photo identification what so ever. Passport? Nope. Apparently it can’t be used after I changed my residency over to here. Yeah I don’t really understand. Driver’s license? Nope. Hawaii =/ Japan. Health insurance? Nope. It’s in Hawaii with my parents. Gakusei shoumeisho (School ID)? Of course not. It’s not like I can use my Hawaii high school ID that’s taped horizontally through the center to keep it from falling apart. (It broke when I sat down… it was in my front pocket…)
So yeah. My dad came to the conclusion that I should go get a moped license so I can have a picture ID. Without an ID, I can’t go get my own phone, open bank accounts, make a new passport, and I can’t even make a library card!! Not cool. But for some reason, I can use my Hawaii driver’s license as an ID to go get my moped license. ?_? weird, but whaattevers.
So last week(?), I went to go take the test, and golly.(Haha golly.) The atmosphere was intense. In this large room, everyone was sitting on their specific tables with their number on it, the test room is quiet, everyone’s studying till right before the test starts, and my goodness it’s the complete opposite from Hawaii. In Hawaii, the police station itself is tiny (the one I went to in Japan was like, 3 stories tall), and the testing “room” is just a sectioned off area with several desks. We didn’t have a time limit, and the test was given to us in a regular folder. But not in Japan! We had a 30 minute time limit with officials watching us, and each page of the test was in separate clear plastic cases. Major culture shock moment… x__x So I got my results back like, 10 minutes later on the (as seen in dramas and animes) this electronic score board, and if your number is on there, it means you passed. Unfortunately, I missed the passing score by one… (You could only miss 3 questions!!! @__@) So yeah… Not looking forward to the next time I have to go in to take the test… x__x