Mauna Kea

So right now I’m in the Subaru telescope’s huge and fancy suv car thing on the way up to the telescope. Even though I’ve lived here for eleven years already, this will be my first time inside the actual telescope. Saddle road is really bumpy….
Okay, so were at Hale Pohaku, the visitor’s center right now. Actually, we’re on our way down already. So I guess I’ll start my actual entry here while everyone’s sleeping.
First, we took our lunch break at the staff resting area, where the workers eat or sleep before going up to the very top.  People going up have to rest for a minimum or thirty minutes to get used to the altitude. Joe and Andy played pool in the lounge while I just sat and talked with our guide. We took off again at about two o’clock.
At the summit, we were given a short safety lecture, and our guide taught us how to breathe properly up at the summit. Deeeeeeeep breaths.  It really helped since the oxygen level is about 60% compared to down at sea level.  Okay, so I said I was writing in the car at Hale Pohaku… This is where I stopped since I got a little headache x) so I’m continuing this a week later at home haha.

So some quick facts about Mauna Kea… so Mauna Kea  stands 4205 m (13796 ft) from sea level, and has 13 telescopes standing on its peak.  So the telescope we visited was Subaru telescope, the telescope built by the Japanese.  The outside has a unique cylindrical shape, unlike the other spherical ones.  The telescope itself is a pretty blue ^^

So continuing off to where I left off… after the safety lecture at the summit, we were given an hour~hour half tour of the facility.  First our guide showed us the telescope itself, then she took us to this self er…moving robot.  (ESL moment… x_x)  To my surprise, there was a picture of a girl… to be specific, that main character(?) girl from Evangelion.  Apparently the artist came and autographed… the robot… .__. Well, I guess Japanese astronomers are regular otaku people in disguise? x)  So after that, she took us down to the basement where they had various tools and goods that needed organizing stored… not very interesting.   After a little while of looking around the basement, we heard over the PA that the telescope was going to move, so climbed up again.  To all of our surprise, the telescope moved REALLY slowly, and really quietly.  And that was the end of our tour pretty much.  To wrap it up, we signed the visitor’s book, found our friend’s page back in 2010, and climbed into the car and fell asleep.

And it goes right back to the beginning where I woke up at Hale Pohaku.  Hope you found my boring post even just a bit interesting.



Email from ICU

Ahhh you guys won’t know how relieving this email was for me.  Well, it also got me excited, so in conclusion, that was an awesome email.

So I was walking toward the shower when I heard my iPod’s email notification.  I look to see that ICU had sent out an email notifying us that the letter with the password to NetCommons had been sent out.  They told us that NetCommons is a portal site where we can find out more information about the entrance procedures, including the orientation schedule.  So I’m really hoping and assuming, that our dorm information as well as our dorm mate information will be provided as well.

So ICU said that for people living in Japan, it should take about 2-3 days for the letter to come, while us people outside of Japan will have to wait about a week.  I’m really hoping that it’ll come in a week because of 2 reasons.  One, because I’m super excited and anxious for the mail, and two, because I’m leaving for Japan in about 2 and a half weeks.  Ahhhh! Can’t wait ^^ I’ll post again about the contents of the mail sometime when it comes :3

Ahhh happy happy ^^ ciao~

P.S. I drew Arrietty 😀

Ghibli <3

Being born and raised as a Japanese child, I have grown up watching Ghibli films.  I always have great urges to re-watch these great films, and now I’m into playing the songs on piano, even though I can’t play piano to save my life.  Because I don’t like to finish stuff…. =__=, I’m learning three Ghibli songs at once.  I have more that I want to learn, but I’m going to keep it to these three for now.

The first one that I started is Kimi wo Nosete.  This song is from The Castle in the Sky.  My friend would always hum this song (or sometimes sing it… a little off tune :P), and eventually became one of my favorites.

The second piece is Arrietty’s Song, from the most recent Ghibli film, The Borrowers Arrietty.  I fell in LOVE with this song as soon as I heard it.  Cecile Corbel has such a gorgeous voice.  (So jealous!)

And finally, the last piece is Kaze no Toorimichi from My Neighbor Totoro, one of my all time favorite movies~ ^^  I remembered this song because one section in Arrietty’s Song sounded EXACTLY like one part from this piece.  It’s the part where it goes…  C Eb F.  Try it out on the piano!  I swear you’ll recognize it.  In Arrietty, it goes, C Eb F F Eb F Bb.  And in Totoro, it goes C Eb F F G Eb.  x) I hope one of you can understand what I’m trying to say here.  Hahaha.

Ahhhh isn’t Ghibli so awesome?! 🙂  I’m really excited because in Mitaka, not only do they have ICU, but…. THEY HAVE THE GHIBLI MUSEUM TOO<3<3<3 😀 I was sooo happy when I found out!! I can’t WAIT till I get to finally go!! x)  Anyways, I think that’s it for today, thanks for reading about my random thoughts, and till next time~


Kapoho mini-vacation

2 weeks ago, I went to a beach house in Kapoho. I went with Reid and Garry (and his family), and stayed for 3 nights and 4 days. Although I didn’t know that it was for 4 days until the 2nd night… (I was actually happy to hear that) So let’s see if I can write about my Kapoho experience in several paragraphs…

Day 1. I drove to Kapoho, and it was about an hour drive away from my house. I didn’t think it took so long to get there. I thought it only took like, 30 minutes, but apparently not. I really should know, since I’ve been there like, 5 times but well, it doesn’t help that I’m always talking or fooling around in the car with my friends on the ride there :P. Anyways, when we got there, we got settled in, fed the fish in the pond, and swam around a bit. Then after we ate, we had our first Pokemon monopoly game of the trip. As expected, I lost, but I think I came in second after Garry. Then came dinner and fishing. We all caught something, mostly squirrelfish, a fish with pokey fins on its back. According to Garry, you can’t eat those, or they’re poisonous or something like that. We wanted to catch menpachi, which are fish that looks really similar to the squirrelfish, but without the really pokey fins. But I just looked online, and found out that they’re the same thing… ->But the important thing is, we all caught something.

Day 2. I woke up to the sound of Garry’s mom making breakfast for us. We had the usual – Portuguese sausage, eggs, french toast, orange juice, and there were apple fritters too. We basically had that same breakfast everyday… But it was okay, since it tasted good 🙂 So I started off the day with feeding fish/taking underwater pictures of them. Maybe I’ll stick some pictures at the end… then we swam until it started to rain. So we found a “truth or dare” Jenga inside the house, so we decided to play that. But we eventually found out that it was an “adult” Jenga, with… awkward dares. Some were like, “sit on the lap of the person on the right of you” “kiss the person to your left”… .__. why is this game at a beach house… After a couple of hours, the rain stopped, so Reid and I decided to go back and swim, while Garry started to fish. Interestingly, Reid and Garry made a bet, that if Garry caught an eel, Reid would give him a dollar. And what do you know. Garry fishes up an eel. That thing lived without its head (Garry’s dad chopped it off..) for like, 30 mins at the very least. And the head was moving for a good 5~10 minutes… slightly creepy. That night, All of our parents came and had dinner together. While the parents started to complain about the No Child Left Behind Act…, we Reid decided to start a 750 piece puzzle. It took the entire night, but we managed to complete the puzzle. I probably did about a fourth, Garry maybe an eighth (at the most.), and Reid finished most of it. But that concluded our night. I lie. I got the urge to start another puzzle when the guys went back to their house. I started a puzzle with Garry’s sister, and we finished that the next night. I also finished the Statue of Liberty,but that’s only because most of it was already put together in the box x)

Day 3. This is getting long. But it’s gonna serve as a diary for me in the future, so I’ll finish it till the very end. So I don’t exactly remember what we did on this day, since my mom took the camera with her the night before, so I don’t have any pictures to refresh my memory… But we probably just swam and fished and played monopoly. Oh! We did play Reid’s Pokemon Master board game first thing in the morning. It was… not as exciting as I hoped it would be. He told us that it was a really fun game……. when he was like, 6 years old.

Day 4. Last day in Kapoho. Man, I love that place. It’s like a haven where you can be as LAZY AS YOU WANT. ❤ Can’t get any better. So… Reid and I swam for like, a good 4 hours? or so. And it was the longest we’ve ever swam in one… sitting? And I got black. And so did he. SPF 70 will not protect you for that long. D: So I’m peeling now. …2 weeks later. But anyways, I taught Reid how to tread water with the beater kick style, and taught him how to do breaststroke. Well, he kinda knew breaststroke, but I helped him improve a lot. So he took the entire stay to learn how to beater kick. Now he can tread water using beater kick for 2 minutes. A FULL 2 minutes. hahaha. x)

Anyways, if you read my entire post, wow. You’re crazy, but thanks for reading. In conclusion, it was an awesome week, although they could’ve been more cooperative with the picture taking… (I didn’t get any of all three of us together… =__=) But hopefully there’s a next time!


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Alumni Status… .__.

So yeah, I haven’t posted for a month.  But I can say that  I’m officially an alumni now….  Dang I feel old.  So I have things to write about… 4 topics – graduation, grad night, friend’s parties, and my own party.  So today’s can be about graduation and grad night.

So I graduated on May 22, got a looooooottt of leis, some straw leis, lots of ribbon leis, daaanng lots of candy leis, and a lei with some money origami inside 😀  Graduation didn’t really hit me until… no, it didn’t really hit me yet.  I did feel really sad when my friend was giving her Valedictorian speech though.  I swear, tears are contagious… when she started to cry, everyone was crying (except I was crying way before that :P)  My favorite line was “Mr.Takahashi and Mr. Mau’s OBVIOUS love for us, and who can forget Mr. Olive’s OH BABY!” ❤  I love her so much.  I really loved her speech.


So I went to Chelsie’s dinner party thing, and Carissa’s lunch Imiloa party thing. I got to see Cody and Tim at the lunch thing, and I got to own Cody at bowling. hahahahaha. He only got like, a 49. How sad. x) Then I went to walmart with Carissa and Cody (Sam and Ryan came too but… they stayed at McDonalds?) And Carissa chased me with a zebra thong…….D:

I also had my own grad party, which Tim and Cody both got to come to. yaaay! We had looooooootts of food (that was also leftover…. D:) and we played on the wii. Sadly got owned by Jazmine’s beginner’s luck at Super Smash… D: my poor pride got ripped apart into pieces there… And I played scrabble. And ping pong. Then we video called Hotaka who could barely hear us since everyone was practically shouting. Oh, Carissa almost mauled me like a bear because I found her old band trip picture. ahhh band. Such good times. x) So in conclusion, grad parties are fun and tiring. :D…

To be continued…

Senior Awards Night

So tonight was Senior Award’s Night.  I got 2 awards! yaaay.  The “Outstanding Industrial Technology and Engineering Student” and the Service Awards.  Lol, I’m not even gonna be an engineer. x)  Yay for Robotics and actually knowing the teachers that decide who gets it. haha.  Well, I didn’t get the award that’ll let me walk by myself, or the title of Summa Cum Laude, the 3.8+ GPA one…  I think I missed it by 0.5 or less.   So I got Magna Cum Laude, the 3.5+ one.  So when the Summas got called up for academic honors, I was just sitting there by myself with 2 other people I didn’t really know, since all my friends got it.  Except for like, some in the back of me.

So I can now conclude that my biggest regret in high school was not knowing the importance of GPA until my Junior year.  So in my freshman and sophmore years, I had like, 3.5, 3.7…. sigh.  Well, now I know what it’s for.  At least I found out in my Junior year of HIGH SCHOOL, and not college.  Yay for positive/optimistic thinking 😉  So I can also conclude that it’s just impossible to bring your GPA up from a 3.68 or whatever to a 3.8, even if you get 4.2s the entire Senior Year.  Well, at least I know that I tried.  Well, I don’t think it can get worse than my friend who just missed it by .05.  Now THAT just sucks.

So it was an okay awards night, the slideshow was okay, I got a lei, and a dirty/dusty bot guy plushie…  I bet you my teachers had one sitting in their room, so they just thought, “Oh hey! Why don’t we just give it to ______”  I should come up with a fake name for myself.  Kachan.  My friends call me that because it means mommy in Japanese, and I hated it.  But now I just got immune to it.  So hi, my name is Kachan.  Kachan who only has 7 days of school… Hoooolllyy poop.

Freedom of Having Your Full License.

So, since I was bugged by someone…. (you know who you are) to post more often, I shall commit like, 10 minutes of my bored time writing about what I did earlier tonight. Oh by the way, 11 days until graduation.  And only 7 days of legit class periods left.  Holy (insert bad word for poop that starts with a c here.).

Anyways, that means our Senior Awards Night is coming up.  In fact, it’s tomorrow!! Yaaaaaay!  Hopefully I get some sort of scholarship, and some sort of award.  I know that I’ll get some sort of award, whether it’s a scholarship or academic honor or whatever, but I’m hoping I get this specific one that allows you to walk the line at commencement by myself… *prays*  So again, anyways, they show an end of high school slideshow at the end(?), and my friend (let’s call her… Okinawa.)is in charge of making it.  So that’s the beginning of why tonight happened.

So my other friend (shall we call him…. OCD) signs on to MSN at… like,8:30.  He then goes, “Wanna come to Starbucks and help us with the slideshow?!”  Well, I ask my mom, and she was like yeah sure.  Didn’t expect that.  Haha.  So in the end, I end up going down at 9:00pm, to Starbucks.   The power of holding a full license yo.  Then we end up facebook stalking people to find out the “juicy” rumors of some people…. and find pictures for the slideshow.  Then it was like, 10:00, and Starbucks kicked us out since they closed.

So we lost our source of WiFi (which we really didn’t need), so we went to Safeway to get WiFi again.  When we got there, “OCD” jumped into my car, and was like here, and slapped a package of KETCHUP in my car.  KETCHUP.  From Burger King.  And it turns out that I had ketchup too!! In my WALLET.  hahaha!  Well at least I know that it was from today. lol.  And also, it turned out the WiFi section in Safeway was closed, so we just went in and bought Cupcake tins for “OCD” ‘s mom.  … then we went outside to our cars (“OCD” even suggested that we finish the slideshow in his car, which we DIDN’T do because that would be uncomfortable….).

So when we were back outside again, and freakin “OCD” sticks the ketchup on my windshield wiper, so that started a whole war of sticking the ketchup packets onto each other’s car.  Then I remembered that I had a pack of cheese from Pizza Hut from my brother’s sleepover party in mid April x)  So that also joined the war. hahaha.  So I think in the end, “Okinawa” took home the two packets of ketchup after “OCD” threw it in her car, and that cheese packet is…. probably in “OCD” ‘s…… probably.

Oh the freedom of having your license 😀