My little obsession

I’m beginning to notice that I only post on my blog at super late hours….  but anyhow…

I’m sure everyone has their own collection, and for me, that would be my many Totoros and bracelets ❤  Currently, I don’t know how many Totoro things I own…. (I think I’ll count later) but I know that I do have 13 things on my wrist.  Dang.  And if it was during the day, I would also have my bright yellow watch on.

Lol, so from the left…

  1. My “Not Even Once” wristband.  It’s for a program against meth.  Not even once yo!
  2. My Ganbare Japan! wristband.  It says, “Ganbare Japan! Aloha from HAAS” I’m really praying for Japan’s recovery. Ganbare!!!
  3. A rainbow version of the Ganbare Japan! wristband.  This one was cheaper because it reads “Ganbare Japan! with Aloh……HAAS” x)
  4. An American School in Japan wristband.  Yay free wristbands from Robotics trips~
  5. Another American School in Japan wristband lol.
  6. A sillyband in the shape of America… how ironic… the non American citizen just happens to get the most patriotic one…
  7. A sillyband in the shape of a mystery object… I still don’t know what it is.  It looks like a porcupine?
  8. A rubberband
  9. Bracelet from my grandma in like, 5th grade
  10. Ditto above
  11. A juzu, even though I’m not Buddhist
  12. It’s hidden in the picture, but I have this orange, yellow, and maroon weaved bracelet thing.
  13. And lastly, an omiage (souvenir in Japanese) from my friend who went to a competition in Florida.  We have matching ones~ he has a yellow one, my other friend has a pink one, and I have the orange 😀
  14. Also not in here, my beautifully bright yellow watch ❤
And that is it for my late night random post. 😀
Good night~

Commencement Tickets

So…. 26 more days until my graduation.  Craaazzzyy….. Overly used, but these four years went by too quickly.  And I think it’s only like… 19 more actual days of school. @_@ Dang.

So in our school (maybe all schools are like this), we have song practices every Wednesday until commencement now, and a student can earn commencement tickets for themselves per practice they attend.  And since everyone had 2 practices (except the tickets committee who had to attend every one, so we had to go to both the girls and guys practice since we had separate ones till this week),  everyone earned 4 tickets – 2 from the song practices, and 2 from paying their class dues.

So the distribution went really nicely, very very smooth.  So why am I writing in this blog when I should be writing up my AP Art homework?  Because I feel like ranting about the process of MAKING the tickets.  So I went over to my friend’s house to help her make these (you have to emboss the ticket and number it) stupid tickets, to find that the number stamping thing the teacher gave us was broken. whooooo.  So we ended up calling the teacher (to find out she’s catching toads outside… >_>), and she told us that she’ll get us the number stampy thing the next day.  So we worked on embossing the tickets….. which takes too much time and effort… It’s really nice, how it’s nice and bumpy, but in order to get that nice thing, you have to first stamp it with the special ink, then powder over the ink, then blow dry it with this special heater thing.  You might be thinking, yeah yeah yeah, stop complaining, but we had to do like, 1000+.  ooo….. #__#  So in the end, it got really late, so I could only help her make 200 of it….  And that poor girl had to stay up until like 4 in the morning to finish the rest of the tickets last night…  At least it came out looking pretty 🙂

Reflection:  Let’s start this earlier next time. LOL. 😛

Finally sent in my application…. :O

I finally sent in my application!!! Yaaaay~  So it took a super long time for me to decide on which dorm to apply for.  INSANE. @__@

So in the end, I chose in the order of Zelkova, 3WD, 2WD, and 4WD.  I know I know, you’re probably wondering, WHY!?  I heard many rumors about the “prison dorm” Zelkova, but I figured that since this will be my first year living and studying in Japan, I should choose the strict dorm to keep me on track.

Then the third dorm, the smallest one… I hope that I won’t regret the choice, since I really like what they wrote in their introductory… letter? paragraphs?  But yeah,  the part that said “no rankings” really caught my attention.  I personally HATE it when older people act all that, like they’re the top dogs because they’re just older.  That goes against my beliefs of… just what I think (since I’m not religious or anything), and it’s probably because I lived most of my life in a place that everyone regardless of age got along like brothers and sisters.  I also liked how they added that you can star gaze on the rooftop ❤ I love stargazing since I live where the sky is clear practically every night.

Then I chose the 2WD because I liked how the rooms were arranged…. that’s about it.  Well, that one WAS cheaper… >__>

Then the 4WD… idk, their introduction wasn’t all that… “eye-catching” like the 3WD.

So yeah, that’s that for my application… *phew.*

Completing my application process…


In this blog, I will try to keep a fairly updated blog about my life as a student at ICU.  Well, I’ve been accepted, but I’m still attending high school here in America.  I will be graduating soon, however….. hopefully.  Probably, most likely.  It is pretty late at night where I live, and I am trying to get my paperwork done and out of my way, so I can graduate with no worries of having to make the June 15 deadline.

So for this year, I have eleven? things to turn in by June 2011.  This leaves me about 2 months to turn everything in, but I swore to myself that I will turn this in by this week.  Actually, I said that 2 weeks ago, and my paperwork is still here.  Well, I ran into all kinds of troubles along the way…

When my doctor was filling out my health report, she was like “oh, I hope our hearing test device still works…”  Now… that freaked me out.  But it turns out that it still worked, and so we started to test my right ear.  She tested it out on me, just so I know what I was supposed to expect, which was really nice since the sounds were really really soft.  So we were right about to start the actual test, when she said, “Uh oh…” …great.  So what happened was, the batteries were dead because they didn’t charge that dang thing for… who knows how long.  So she told me to come test it two days later when I would get my results for the TB test.  I came back two days later, and we started our test again.  (Btw, I didn’t test positive!)  So the nurse tested my right ear, and I was perfectly fine, nice and healthy.  She began to test my left ear….. when all of a sudden, she goes, “Hmm… uh oh…”  -___- So turns out, the batteries died, after it charged for two days.  wtf right?  So she told me to come back in an hour, so I just went back to school, waited in the club room, and went back to finally finish my health report.  My suggestion, START THIS EARLY.

I faced several more problems after that… I didn’t know what some things meant on the paper, I ran out of photos for my identification, the printer ran out of ink when I tried to print my new photos, …..sigh.  Hopefully, I can successfully turn in my paper this week…. *knocks on wood*

I think this concludes my first post… my super long post…. If anyone reads this, thanks for dealing with me. 🙂

Time to go sleep now :D,