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Going back to my last days in Hawaii…

So as I said before in my last post, I’m going to write about some of the things I did during my last few days in Hawaii. Hmm… I’ll write about robotics, beach, and the last day with my two good friends.
Robotics. I devoted most of my after school hours to our robotics club since my Freshman year. Yes, I’m talking about the very girl who had NO interested in robots, electricity, science, what so ever in Elementary learned to love robotics (even though I can barely do crap except for driving the robot…). And every summer, our robotics club hosts a summer robotics camp. So instead of going back to Japan(HOLY CRAP DEJAVU MOMENT…anyways…) early with my mom and brother, I stayed behind for a little while longer so I can help with the camp. There’s 48 elementary kids in the morning (8:00-12:00) and 24 intermediate kids in the afternoon (1:00-5:00). CRAAAAZY. The morning class is divided into two groups, and each go to a different classroom and learn about a specific robotics program, then at around 10, they switch sides. I helped the NXT (legos) side, and my younger kids were nice, calm, and quiet, while my older kids were loud, obnoxious, and crazy. The older group also had a slightly autistic boy, so making him work with the other boy was tiring… x_x The afternoon group were able to work on their own, so I was able to relax 😀 In the end I became the camera woman for my friend who was making the end of the week slideshow. I think it came out pretty good, although I kept criticizing him that it was too short in the beginning x) I could go on and on about my tiring experience, but I’ll stop here.
BEACH! I love the beach. I’d love it more if salt didn’t make my body and hair all sticky. Gross. So we drove for about..err… hour half? And we got to this nice sandy beach. After some minutes of sun screening, we went right into the water. Mm not much to write about the beach really. After we swam we made a castle and my friend was “sabotaging” it by throwing sand on where I dug but ended up helping us x) Well, until the tunnel he made collapsed hahah. After that they buried me in a hole… I thought my lungs were going to collapse -_-; I hopped into my friend’s parent’s car on the ride home and we took a stop at a Orange Julius. I was a fatty and bought a smoothie and a banana cream pie blizzard :3 It was sooo worth it 😀 what else… I laughed at my friend’s sleeping face with my other friend x) He sleeps with his mouth wide open and his arm kept on twitching haha! Then I fell asleep… and my friend took a picture of me with my other friend who was sleeping already… we both had our mouths open ^^;
And then my last day. I had two of my friends over and one of my friends all of a sudden said that he wanted to make Macachos. For those who don’t know what they are, it’s from DailyGrace’s video right here My goodness he got me hooked x) she’s so funny. But yeah. We went shopping for Macachos ingredients and cooked it in my kitchen. So I left my dad with a pan of macachos… sorry dad.. hope you liked them. 😛 Then my dad sent me a text message that said “you wanna go out to eat?” in Japanese. The way he wrote it can be taken two ways – 1. Do you want to go out to eat with your friends? and 2. Do you want to go out for dinner with me. Anndddd…. I thought he meant with my friends since I was just talking about dinner with them… sigh…. sorry dad. So we went to the mall because we didn’t know what to do, and then we were just on our way to dinner… Until my dad called and asked what I wanted to do. and I was incredibly confused… siigh. So in the end, he told me that I should go out with my friends and don’t worry about him.. Ahhhhhhhh the guilt. I’ll definitely go out with him next time… maybe I can treat him. If I work… I should go get a job. So yeah, we went out and ate, and then went to walmart so I could buy Hawaiian stuff to take with me to Japan x) Yes, this is where they bought the crossword and the other omiages… haha yeah, right in front of me x) I didn’t mind though hahaha. Oh! Matchan if you’re reading this right now, I wore the shirt today! ❤ It was comfy :3
So yeah, that concludes my last three days in Hawaii… next time I'll probably post about… yeah I lie I don't know. So stay tuned and click the woop woop button on the right column to follow my weird adventures~ Dailytoli is gonna take you on a weird adventureeee *dinggg* *Grace face* …Byeeeeee


Kapoho mini-vacation

2 weeks ago, I went to a beach house in Kapoho. I went with Reid and Garry (and his family), and stayed for 3 nights and 4 days. Although I didn’t know that it was for 4 days until the 2nd night… (I was actually happy to hear that) So let’s see if I can write about my Kapoho experience in several paragraphs…

Day 1. I drove to Kapoho, and it was about an hour drive away from my house. I didn’t think it took so long to get there. I thought it only took like, 30 minutes, but apparently not. I really should know, since I’ve been there like, 5 times but well, it doesn’t help that I’m always talking or fooling around in the car with my friends on the ride there :P. Anyways, when we got there, we got settled in, fed the fish in the pond, and swam around a bit. Then after we ate, we had our first Pokemon monopoly game of the trip. As expected, I lost, but I think I came in second after Garry. Then came dinner and fishing. We all caught something, mostly squirrelfish, a fish with pokey fins on its back. According to Garry, you can’t eat those, or they’re poisonous or something like that. We wanted to catch menpachi, which are fish that looks really similar to the squirrelfish, but without the really pokey fins. But I just looked online, and found out that they’re the same thing… ->But the important thing is, we all caught something.

Day 2. I woke up to the sound of Garry’s mom making breakfast for us. We had the usual – Portuguese sausage, eggs, french toast, orange juice, and there were apple fritters too. We basically had that same breakfast everyday… But it was okay, since it tasted good 🙂 So I started off the day with feeding fish/taking underwater pictures of them. Maybe I’ll stick some pictures at the end… then we swam until it started to rain. So we found a “truth or dare” Jenga inside the house, so we decided to play that. But we eventually found out that it was an “adult” Jenga, with… awkward dares. Some were like, “sit on the lap of the person on the right of you” “kiss the person to your left”… .__. why is this game at a beach house… After a couple of hours, the rain stopped, so Reid and I decided to go back and swim, while Garry started to fish. Interestingly, Reid and Garry made a bet, that if Garry caught an eel, Reid would give him a dollar. And what do you know. Garry fishes up an eel. That thing lived without its head (Garry’s dad chopped it off..) for like, 30 mins at the very least. And the head was moving for a good 5~10 minutes… slightly creepy. That night, All of our parents came and had dinner together. While the parents started to complain about the No Child Left Behind Act…, we Reid decided to start a 750 piece puzzle. It took the entire night, but we managed to complete the puzzle. I probably did about a fourth, Garry maybe an eighth (at the most.), and Reid finished most of it. But that concluded our night. I lie. I got the urge to start another puzzle when the guys went back to their house. I started a puzzle with Garry’s sister, and we finished that the next night. I also finished the Statue of Liberty,but that’s only because most of it was already put together in the box x)

Day 3. This is getting long. But it’s gonna serve as a diary for me in the future, so I’ll finish it till the very end. So I don’t exactly remember what we did on this day, since my mom took the camera with her the night before, so I don’t have any pictures to refresh my memory… But we probably just swam and fished and played monopoly. Oh! We did play Reid’s Pokemon Master board game first thing in the morning. It was… not as exciting as I hoped it would be. He told us that it was a really fun game……. when he was like, 6 years old.

Day 4. Last day in Kapoho. Man, I love that place. It’s like a haven where you can be as LAZY AS YOU WANT. ❤ Can’t get any better. So… Reid and I swam for like, a good 4 hours? or so. And it was the longest we’ve ever swam in one… sitting? And I got black. And so did he. SPF 70 will not protect you for that long. D: So I’m peeling now. …2 weeks later. But anyways, I taught Reid how to tread water with the beater kick style, and taught him how to do breaststroke. Well, he kinda knew breaststroke, but I helped him improve a lot. So he took the entire stay to learn how to beater kick. Now he can tread water using beater kick for 2 minutes. A FULL 2 minutes. hahaha. x)

Anyways, if you read my entire post, wow. You’re crazy, but thanks for reading. In conclusion, it was an awesome week, although they could’ve been more cooperative with the picture taking… (I didn’t get any of all three of us together… =__=) But hopefully there’s a next time!


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