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Letter from ICU

So that letter I was talking about from my last post about my email from ICU came…err…. several days ago (I took too long to write this post…).  But to my disappointment, they didn’t include the dorm information I was long anticipating.  However, I emailed the admissions office right away and they emailed me back saying that the information should come soon in the mail.  So I get to wait for another letter…. yaaaayy… the anticipation is killing me… TT^TT

So anyways, it had 5 things inside – a message from the Educational Affairs Group, Information from the Academic Planning Center about the ICUfolio and NetCommons password, information about NetCommons, ICU Regulations and the University Declaration of Human Rights, and The ICU no.28.  Not a very interesting package, but I was able to log into ICUfolio successfully, but even though they’re supposed to have the same password, I couldn’t get into NetCommons.  So I had to click “forgot my password” and change it.

So after being excited about being able to log into my first ICU network thing, the first thing I saw on the screen for ICUfolio was the pre-matriculation essay… TT_____TT  It’s really not that hard since they won’t be looking for writing structure and what not.  You just have to write about your fields of interest and why you’re interested, your academic goals, future plans, etc etc.  I’m guessing if other schools have a pre-entrance essay, they’ll probably look like this too.

Now, I’m just anxiously waiting for my dorm information… 2 days of no mail (Sunday and 4th of July…) is driving me INSANE.  T^T why can’t I be more patient…. My friend got hers………. she even talked to her….. major jealously here. D: …….. well then… byebye folks… hopefully my next update will be about my dorm bud.

Shoots den…. T^T


Other than the essay, I just had to update my profile on both NetCommons and the ICUfolio and what not, look at the