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My long awaited dorm information!

Yep, it came! ¬†I bet I would’ve gotten it the day before if it weren’t for 4th of July, but whatevers, I got it! ūüėÄ ¬†So I’m in the Zelkova house, and I’m pretty content with this dorm. ¬†I’ve heard that it’s the strictest dorm, and how it’s called the “prison” or whatever, but I think it’s better to be in the strict one at least for my first year or so in college.

From what I read on a blog by a dorm resident, it sounds like a dorm everyone would avoid at all costs…¬†¬†to be more precise…¬†But I put Zelkova as my number one choice. ¬†I’ll find out if that turns out to be for the best… or if it was suicide soon enough. ¬†I also found out from this girl’s twitter (I just searched Zelkova dorm and she came up on google x) that there’s only a total of 15 September students at Zelkova. ¬†Dang. ¬†Either there’s an insanely little amount of September students, or Zelkova is really unpopular…… .__. ¬†whaaatevs.

I’d write more about my dorms, but since I had my mom take my college documents over to Japan with her, I have no idea what exactly the dorm is like….. boo. ¬†So I’m just relying on the facts given by Reiyd and the ICU’s Zelkova page heereee…..¬†¬† and¬†¬†(virtual tour) and¬†¬†is the new student dorms blog. ¬†You can see some pictures of the inside ūüėÄ

So that’s about all I have for tonight, may post about my little adventure with my friend next time. ¬†Till then~



Letter from ICU

So that letter I was talking about from my last post about my email from ICU came…err…. several days ago (I took too long to write this post…). ¬†But to my disappointment, they didn’t include the dorm information I was long anticipating. ¬†However, I emailed the admissions office right away and they emailed me back saying that the information should come soon in the mail. ¬†So I get to wait for another letter…. yaaaayy… the anticipation is killing me… TT^TT

So anyways, it had 5 things inside – a message from the Educational Affairs Group, Information from the Academic Planning Center about the ICUfolio and NetCommons password, information about NetCommons, ICU Regulations and the University Declaration of Human Rights, and The ICU no.28. ¬†Not a very interesting package, but I was able to log into ICUfolio successfully, but even though they’re supposed to have the same password, I couldn’t get into NetCommons. ¬†So I had to click “forgot my password” and change it.

So after being excited about being able to log into my first ICU network thing, the first thing I saw on the screen for ICUfolio was the pre-matriculation essay… TT_____TT ¬†It’s really not that hard since they won’t be looking for writing structure and what not. ¬†You just have to write about your fields of interest and why you’re interested, your academic goals, future plans, etc etc. ¬†I’m guessing if other schools have a pre-entrance essay, they’ll probably look like this too.

Now, I’m just anxiously waiting for my dorm information… 2 days of no mail (Sunday and 4th of July…) is driving me INSANE. ¬†T^T why can’t I be more patient…. My friend got hers………. she even talked to her….. major jealously here. D: …….. well then… byebye folks… hopefully my next update will be about my dorm bud.

Shoots den…. T^T


Other than the essay, I just had to update my profile on both NetCommons and the ICUfolio and what not, look at the

Email from ICU

Ahhh you guys won’t know how relieving this email was for me. ¬†Well, it also got me excited, so in conclusion, that was an awesome email.

So I was walking toward the shower when I heard my iPod’s email notification. ¬†I look to see that ICU had sent out an email notifying us that the letter with the password to NetCommons had been sent out. ¬†They told us that NetCommons is a portal site where we can find out more information about the entrance procedures, including the orientation schedule. ¬†So I’m really hoping and assuming, that our dorm information as well as our dorm mate information will be provided as well.

So ICU said that for people living in Japan, it should take about 2-3 days for the letter to come, while us people outside of Japan will have to wait about a week. ¬†I’m really hoping that it’ll come in a week because of 2 reasons. ¬†One, because I’m super excited and anxious for the mail, and two, because I’m leaving for Japan in about 2 and a half weeks. ¬†Ahhhh! Can’t wait ^^ I’ll post again about the contents of the mail sometime when it comes :3

Ahhh happy happy ^^ ciao~

P.S. I drew Arrietty ūüėÄ


Finally sent in my application…. :O

I finally sent in my application!!! Yaaaay~  So it took a super long time for me to decide on which dorm to apply for.  INSANE. @__@

So in the end, I chose in the order of Zelkova, 3WD, 2WD, and 4WD. ¬†I know I know, you’re probably wondering, WHY!? ¬†I heard many rumors about the “prison dorm” Zelkova, but I figured that since this will be my first year living and studying in Japan, I should choose the strict dorm to keep me on track.

Then the third dorm, the smallest one… I hope that I won’t regret the choice, since I really like what they wrote in their introductory… letter? paragraphs? ¬†But yeah, ¬†the part that said “no rankings” really caught my attention. ¬†I personally HATE it when older people act all that, like they’re the top dogs because they’re just older. ¬†That goes against my beliefs of… just what I think (since I’m not religious or anything), and it’s probably because I lived most of my life in a place that everyone regardless of age got along like brothers and sisters. ¬†I also liked how they added that you can star gaze on the rooftop ‚̧ I love stargazing since I live where the sky is clear practically every night.

Then I chose the 2WD because I liked how the rooms were arranged…. that’s about it. ¬†Well, that one WAS cheaper… >__>

Then the 4WD… idk, their introduction wasn’t all that… “eye-catching” like the 3WD.

So yeah, that’s that for my application… *phew.*

Completing my application process…


In this blog, I will try to keep a fairly updated blog about my life as a student at ICU. ¬†Well, I’ve been accepted, but I’m still attending high school here in America. ¬†I will be graduating soon, however….. hopefully. ¬†Probably, most likely. ¬†It is pretty late at night where I live, and I am trying to get my paperwork done and out of my way, so I can graduate with no worries of having to make the June 15 deadline.

So for this year, I have eleven? things to turn in by June 2011. ¬†This leaves me about 2 months to turn everything in, but I swore to myself that I will turn this in by this week. ¬†Actually, I said that 2 weeks ago, and my paperwork is still here. ¬†Well, I ran into all kinds of troubles along the way…

When my doctor was filling out my health report, she was like “oh, I hope our hearing test device still works…” ¬†Now… that freaked me out. ¬†But it turns out that it still worked, and so we started to test my right ear. ¬†She tested it out on me, just so I know what I was supposed to expect, which was really nice since the sounds were really really soft. ¬†So we were right about to start the actual test, when she said, “Uh oh…” …great. ¬†So what happened was, the batteries were dead because they didn’t charge that dang thing for… who knows how long. ¬†So she told me to come test it two days later when I would get my results for the TB test. ¬†I came back two days later, and we started our test again. ¬†(Btw, I didn’t test positive!) ¬†So the nurse tested my right ear, and I was perfectly fine, nice and healthy. ¬†She began to test my left ear….. when all of a sudden, she goes, “Hmm… uh oh…” ¬†-___- So turns out, the batteries died, after it charged for two days. ¬†wtf right? ¬†So she told me to come back in an hour, so I just went back to school, waited in the club room, and went back to finally finish my health report. ¬†My suggestion, START THIS EARLY.

I faced several more problems after that… I didn’t know what some things meant on the paper, I ran out of photos for my identification, the printer ran out of ink when I tried to print my new photos, …..sigh. ¬†Hopefully, I can successfully turn in my paper this week…. *knocks on wood*

I think this concludes my first post… my super long post…. If anyone reads this, thanks for dealing with me. ūüôā

Time to go sleep now :D,